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We dispose of the waste generated in our operations responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements. We want to be able to give our waste a destination that allows for greater circularity, enabling it to be used in other production chains. We are therefore looking for sustainable technologies and solutions for industrial waste, which we previously sent to our landfills and third parties, to encourage new uses, such as turning it into soil acidity correctors and other agricultural inputs. Today, our forestry operations already use this solution, and we have managed to reincorporate what was previously discarded into the process. In addition, we use part of our waste as biomass for energy generation (energy recycling) and we have a team in our organizational structure dedicated to selling these by-products to other industries. 


Waste sent to specific landfills (kg/t), considering the total industrial waste sent (kg) per ton of saleable pulp and paper from all Suzano's industrial units. Considers all the waste sent to landfills owned by Suzano and third parties, corresponding to non-hazardous inorganic industrial waste, such as grids and lime mud, and organic waste, such as primary and biological sludge.

44.3 kg/t¹ (year: 2018²)
Reduce by 70% the industrial solid waste sent to landfills per ton of product - from 44.3 kg/t to 13.3 kg/t by 2030.
Results in 2023

In 2023, we achieved a result of 16.3 kilos of waste sent to landfill per tonne of product, marking a 90% improvement on the Commitment's baseline and an 11% improvement on the previous year. This performance is the result of investments in intelligent treatment technologies, such as converting inorganic waste into soil improvers, which are used in our forestry operations and sold to other agricultural companies. Plants such as Imperatriz (MA), Jacareí (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS) have waste treatment centers. As a result, the sale of 506,000 tonnes of industrial and recyclable waste generated 11.9 million reais in revenue over the year.

We highlight the Mucuri Unit (BA) for significantly reducing the waste sent to landfill compared to the previous year (24%). The Jacareí (SP), Limeira (SP) and Rio Verde (SP) units continue to send zero waste to landfill.

KPI Tracking
kg/t kg/t kg/t kg/t kg/t kg/t

Industrial waste sent to landfill







Our plans for 2024

In 2024, we will continue to seek to optimize the waste disposal solutions already in place, as well as continuing to invest in the development of new sustainable disposal alternatives to effectively guarantee a waste reduction sent to landfill.

  1. The target KPI is measured by dividing the volume in kilograms (kg) of industrial solid waste sent to landfills by pulp and paper production in tonnes (t).
  2. When the goal was created in 2019, we did not yet have the relative data for the year to insert in the goal. Therefore, data from 2018 was used to define the baseline.

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