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When we have innovation at the service of sustainability, we seek solutions through innovability aligned with our purpose of renewing life from the tree.

We know that, from the tree, we can have other products due to its essentially renewable origin, biodegradable in different environments, and with great versatility. These products can potentially impact the reduction of carbon emissions, which is fundamental to combat the climate crisis and the pressure on natural resources.

Products of renewable origin are those made from resources that come from nature, such as eucalyptus pulp, and that can be regenerated in a short period. Increasing the availability of renewable products, as well as those we have traditionally produced in our business, is to enable a transition economy and strengthen a regenerative economy.


Offer renewable products that can substitute plastic and other petroleum derivatives. All products offered by Suzano are of renewable origin, but, for this target, we will only consider products resulting from the innovation process, such as paperboard packaging, cups, straws, lignin, and microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), among others.

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Make 10 million tons of products available from renewable sources that can replace plastic and other petroleum-based products - from zero to 10 million by 2030.

Results in 2022

In 2022, we offered about 45,000 tons of renewable products, resulting in an accumulation of about 77,000 tons. We achieved record sales of products to replace plastics, advancing in routes already consolidated, as is the case of products aimed at the markets of cups, straws, and cardboard. Moreover, we launched new products, such as the Greenpack® line, which seeks to address new paper options for the packaging markets. Also, in 2022, we implemented an MFC plant in Limeira (SP), as well as MFC and textile fiber plants in Finland with 1,000 tons of capacity with our partner Spinnova. Both plants are in the startup phase for production throughout 2023.

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Our plans for 2023

We will continue to focus on expanding our solutions for replacing plastic and providing the market with more sustainable alternatives, always paying attention to their demands. We intend to keep evolving in the development of papers for contact with food, with the Bluecup Bio®, Loop®, and Greenpack® lines, and keep advancing in routes such as the Greenbag® paper, which emerges as an alternative for bags, sacks, and envelopes, Lin®, which serves the liner and cardboard core segment aimed at the packaging market, or even TP Cycle, the result of a demand from brand owners related to the cycle closure in the packaging itself. We will also ramp up the new operations of our MFC and textile fiber plants in Finland. Regarding lignin, we keep developing applications to enable the growth of the business. In the bio-oil route, we will continue with engineering studies and developing partnerships for the future approval of the first project.

  1. This target includes the cumulative sales of products from renewable sources from 2020 through 2030. This does not mean that Suzano did not offer renewable products before 2020. It just means that, for the governance and effect of the target, we began calculating and accounting for this supply of products as of that year.
  2. The indicator value is for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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