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Through innovativeness, when we have innovation at the service of sustainability, we seek solutions in line with our purpose of renewing life inspired by trees.

We know we can make other products from trees because they are renewable, biodegradable in different environments, and highly versatile. Products with the potential to have an impact on reducing carbon emissions, which is fundamental to combating the climate crisis and the pressure on natural resources.

Products of renewable origin are those made from resources that come from nature, such as eucalyptus pulp, and can be regenerated in a short period. Increasing the availability of products of renewable origin, in addition to those we have traditionally produced in our business, is to enable a transition economy and strengthen the consolidation of a regenerative economy.


Offer renewable products that can substitute plastic and other petroleum derivatives. All products offered by Suzano are of renewable origin, but, for this target, we will only consider products resulting from the innovation process, such as paperboard packaging, cups, straws, lignin, and microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), among others.

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Make 10 million tons of products available from renewable sources that can replace plastic and other petroleum-based products - from zero to 10 million by 2030.

Results in 2023

We offered approximately 38,000 tonnes of renewable products as alternatives to plastics and other fossil-based products, for a total of 115,000 tonnes. Notable achievements included growth in sales of flexible products, expansion into new markets and partnerships, sustained sales of cups (Bluecup® and Bluecup Bio®) despite competition from imports, continued sales of liner products, and the introduction of straw paper (Loop®) into new markets. In addition, progress was made in developing new applications for lignin, and we started up a microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) plant in Limeira (SP), as well as two new plants in Finland - one for MFC and the other for textile fibers - in collaboration with Spinnova. 

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Our plans for 2024

We will continue focusing on expanding solutions that can replace plastic, introducing more sustainable options to the market and paying constant attention to emerging needs. To this end, we will continue to invest in our innovation portfolio, such as food contact papers and our Greenbag® line, which has emerged as an alternative to bags, sacks and envelopes. This will be done through technical improvements, expansion of sales activities and partnerships with buyers, and continuous mapping of the market and segments.

We will also continue with our production and market expansion plan for the MFC initiatives and in the textile segment, through Woodspin, our joint venture with Spinnova in Finland. We will also continue to focus our efforts on developing the lignin market and applications, to make business growth viable.

  1. The scope of this target includes the accumulated sales of products of renewable origin from 2020 to 2030. This does not mean that Suzano did not offer products of renewable origin before 2020, but only that, for governance and effect of the target, we began to calculate and account for this supply of products from that year onwards.
  2. The indicator value refers to the accumulated figures for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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