Suzano believes that the support given to wood suppliers, including small ones, has a critical effect on environmental preservation and social development. To this end, we have a large Forest Partnership Program.

The Program comprises three categories, which vary according to the interests of the landowner and the company's incentives. Depending on the category chosen by the farmers, Suzano can provide support by supplying and transporting eucalyptus seedlings, agricultural inputs, technical assistance (Good Forest Stewardship Practices), financial advances, and, since 2022, by offering forestry insurance. We emphasize that, regardless of the category, Suzano only serves farmers who are engaged in the same socio-environmental concerns as the company, following all the rules of good working conditions and encouraging the preservation and reforestation of native forests.

In this way, the company stimulates the local economy, contributes to sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and maintains a highly productive forest, sharing and generating value.

All areas where wood is supplied to Suzano, including suppliers, are monitored based on environmental, social, economic and legal requirements. To this end, we have adopted a Wood Procurement Policy, the development of which complies with the Brazilian Forest Code, the criteria of the FSC® Association Policy, the FSC® and PEFC/Cerflor Forest Management and Chain of Custody standards, FSC® Controlled Wood, PEFC/Cerflor Controlled Sources, the European Timber Regulation (EUTR), the United Kingdom Timber Regulation (UKTR), the Lacey Act (United States), the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act and the fundamental principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO). 

In 2023, the program impacted around 1,765 small landowners, helping to improve the landowner's quality of life and paying small local businesses that are part of the entire production chain, from planting seedlings to transporting the wood.

External and internal audits are performed annually to check the criteria of the standards mentioned. Documents of compliance with the aforementioned standard and legal documents are checked, and on-site visits are made to assess the practice of the standard in the field.

In the table below, you can find the number of small suppliers the company has purchased wood from since 2020.

Small wood suppliers

número total número total número total número total

Total number of contracts with small wood suppliers¹





Total number of small wood suppliers in the year²





  1. The total number of contracts with small timber suppliers takes into account all contracts with active suppliers for each year in which the supply area is smaller than four fiscal modules in the municipality. If it has up to four fiscal modules, the property is considered small. 
  2. The total number of small wood suppliers in the year considers those who supplied wood to the mills in the year. The same concept of a small supplier is applied: up to four fiscal modules.
  3. In 2022, there was an increase in the supply of wood due to increased pulp production.