Suzano Sustainability Center

Suzano Sustainability Center

Suzano's main hub for sustainability and ESG content, the Center provides information related to corporate management and performance. Indicators related to the different standards and frameworks are also interactively available at this Center and can be viewed by category or indicator.

commitments to renewing life

Boost education

Increase the Basic Education Development Index (IDEB) by 40% in all priority municipalities by 2030.

Caring for the water

Increase water availability in all the critical watersheds¹ in Suzano's areas of operation by 2030 and reduce by 15% the water captured in our industrial operations...

Conserve Biodiversity

Connect half a million hectares of priority areas for biodiversity conservation in the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, and Amazon.

Decrease poverty

Lift 200,000 people out of poverty line in our areas of operation.