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Through innovability (innovation at the service of sustainability), we constantly seek solutions aligned with our purpose of renewing life from the tree. 
Due to its essentially renewable origin, biodegradable in different environments, and great versatility, we know that from the tree we can have other products. Moreover, products with the potential to impact the reduction of carbon emissions are fundamental to tackling the climate crisis and the pressure on natural resources.

Renewable-source products are those made from natural resources, such as cellulose from eucalyptus trees, and that can be regenerated in a short amount of time. Increasing the availability of renewable-source products, beyond those we have traditionally produced, means enabling a transition economy and strengthening the consolidation of a regenerative economy.


Offer renewable products that can replace plastics and other petroleum derivatives. All products offered by Suzano are of renewable origin, but only products from innovation, such as paperboard packaging, cups, straws, lignin, microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), and others, will be considered for the scope of this target.

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Make available 10 million tons of renewable-source products that can replace plastic and other petroleum-based products - from zero to 10 million by 2030.
Results in 2021

In 2021, we offered about 32,000 tons of products from renewable sources, showing a considerable evolution in product development and sales for materials considered in the incremental production volumes. The results were achieved due to the large supply of packaging market. We have improved the development of food contact paper with the Bluecup Bio® and Loop® lines, and we have also developed the Greenbag® paper as an alternative raw material for bags, sacks, and envelopes, as well as paper for liner and cardboard core, to serve the packaging market, redirecting the volume previously destined for the Printing and Writing market. We have also progressed in developing materials to serve the flexible packaging market for the cosmetics and food industries and launched the TP Cycle paperboard, which was born out of a demand from brand owners related to closing the cycle on the packaging itself. In 2020, we started the formation of a joint venture with the Finnish startup Spinnova, expanding the discussion and the offer of renewable products in the global market. Last year the IPO was held, which had its public offering announced by Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland. In 2021, we made progress in the microfibrillated cellulose projects, in the bio-oil project - with regard to the analysis of the potential market -, and started the commercialization of lignin, which already has a factory in operation.

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Our plans for 2022

We will continue to invest in developing new possibilities for our eucalyptus trees. In this case, we foresee moving forward with the product families already launched, but also in the creation of a portfolio of projects and products that will be developed in the coming years to expand our potential for replacement, as well as the improvement of the current relationship chain, increasingly committed between the links in the chain, such as brandowners and printers. Regarding the Spinnova project, we will build the pilot plant in Finland. We will also deepen our potential market analysis and strategic partnership studies and negotiations to make an entry into the bio-oil market.

  1. The scope of this target includes the cumulative sales of products from renewable sources from 2020 until 2030. This does not mean that Suzano did not offer renewable products before 2020. It just means that, for the governance and effect of the target, we began to estimate and count this supply of products as of this year.
  2. The value of the indicator refers to the accumulated of 2020 and 2021.
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