The data is available in two tables:

• Total amount spent on training full-time employee(s);
• Average amount spent on training and development per full-time employee.

Total amount spent on full-time employee(s) training ¹

R$ R$ R$





  1. The figures include only full-time employees. In 2020, Facepa was fully merged into Suzano. So that as of that year, its data started being reported on a consolidated basis with the company's indicators, and not separately, as was previously the case.

Average amount spent on full-time employee training and development¹

R$ R$ R$





  1. The data includes only full-time employees. The indicator started to be reported as of 2020 and, therefore, has no information from previous years. 
  2. In 2022, we divided the total value by the number of people trained in the year: total value: R$ 21,528,327.46; average value of each person trained: R$ 1,219.52; total number of people trained: 17,653.

Additional information

There was a difference between the years 2020 and 2021 to 2022, as, in 2022, we encouraged greater employee autonomy, so that they would take advantage of interaction moments within a group or directly with another person for their own development, rather than focusing only on training. Considering that such moments do not usually generate costs, but are considered as development actions, the average amount per person during the year was reduced. For the year 2022, in order to be more assertive, we used the specific accounting account for this activity in the SAP system and divided by the total value of employees who underwent training.