Paper and Packaging Business Unit (UNPE, in Portuguese acronym) and Pulp

Suzano is committed to reducing or eliminating substances of concern in its products. As a reference for substances of concern, the company considers the Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation (SVHC list), published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). All chemicals and raw materials used in pulp and paper production process produced by Suzano are assessed under the SVHC criteria, and no chemical substance described in this list is present in concentrations above 0.1% in Suzano's products.

Moreover, producing papers intended to come into contact with food, the company handles only chemicals and raw materials approved on the positive list of the Brazilian regulation RDC 88/2016, which adopts the technical regulation on cellulosic materials, packaging and equipment intended to come into contact with food, of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA in Portuguese acronym). Such regulation only endorses chemicals under safe conditions for human health. In effect, this means that Suzano has eliminated all substances proven to be unsafe in this product line. The Company also established a Corporate Product Safety Policy for these products.

To ensure the reduction or elimination of substances of concern, all new chemicals or raw materials intended for use in Suzano's pulp and/or paper production process undergo assessments by the Regulatory Affairs area and must be approved according to regulatory and safety requirements prior to use. Additionally, the Regulatory Affairs area continuously monitors updates in the RDC 88/2016 regulations and the SVHC list and leads new assessments on the company's products in light of any regulatory updates.

Consumer Goods Business Unit (UNBC, in Portuguese acronym)

Although the current process contains certain chemicals of great necessity for its execution, they can affect the environment and/or human health when in direct contact with them. As a mean of mitigating or containing the impact of these substances, containments are employed both in the area and in the containers themselves to prevent potential leaks. Further, all tested chemicals or chemicals used in the process must be approved by the Environment and Safety teams.

Concerning information disclosure, the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are readily available in the areas, reinforced in the Operating Procedures and easily accessible to everyone in the event of occurrences.